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Exam Process

Our New Patient Process

We split our neuro-developmental new patient process into three separate office visits. The first visit will be the Free Consultation. During the first visit consultation the parents and doctor will discuss your child’s concerns and determine together if proceeding with visit 2 and 3 is appropriate. Visit two will include a neurological examination and advanced ocular motor testing. The third visit we will sit down and go over the findings of the examination with the parents. This three-visit process allows ample time for Dr. Childs to be as thorough as possible when analyzing your child's history, exam findings and lab results. Remember our process is very detailed because we are looking to find the specific underlying cause of your child's issue.

Here is exactly what will happen during each visit:

Visit 1: Consultation:

The first step to potentially improving your child's focus, attention, social skills and grades is having a “Free Consultation” with us.

Here is what will happen in this Free Consultation-

  • We will sit down with you and listen to your individual concerns you have with your child or teenager, what they have been through, what treatments you have tried, and how their issues are affecting them at home and at school.
  • You will have a chance to see our facility and see our neurological therapies for ADHD children
  • You will have all your questions answered about what we specifically do and how we have such great success helping ADHD children and teenagers using a drug free neurological and nutritional approach.

Visit 2:
Neurological examination Typically will include the following painless tests:
  • Vitals
  • Balance testing
  • Working memory testing
  • Eye movement and tracking
  • Reflexes
  • Muscle tone testing
  • Sensory Testing
  • Coordination Testing
  • Gait Analysis
  • Posture Testing
  • Primitive/infantile reflex testing
  • Gross and fine motor testing
  • Core muscle strength testing
  • Interactive metronome testing
  • Advanced neurological testing if necessary (explained in detail below)
  • If necessary, a preliminary bloodwork script will be given to be completed at a local center such as Quest or Lab Corp for another day prior to the report of findings
Visit 3: Report of Findings

Visit 3 visit usually takes 30-45 minutes. After taking the time to review the history, exam findings and lab results Dr. Childs will sit down with both parents and discuss his findings, answer any questions you may have and then let you know if he has decided to accept your child's case. Dr. Childs will discuss his recommendations for care and any necessary special lab tests beyond the preliminary bloodwork. On this visit all fees for continuing care and special lab testing will be discussed.

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